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To purchase your copy e-mail a request to

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2-Postal address

3-Which volume(s) you want, and how many copies.

We will send you a quote with our bank details, and as soon as your money arrives your book will be winging it’s way to you.
The current cost for Volume One is AU$190, with a $36 postage and packing charge for Australia, total $226.
Volume Two is priced at $220, plus  $42.60 for post and packaging, a total of $262.60. Volume 2 is considerably bigger, therefore a higher postal cost.
Overseas orders will have postage assessed on a case by case basis.

NOTE: Volume One was printed 12 years ago, and some of the slipcases are showing some deterioration. It seems that the glue used is prone to mould, and as we haven’t been able to store these in a controlled environment, some mould and other slight degradation (including minor de-lamination) is apparent. These are sold “as is” and you should consider them as a bonus. Very few books these days come in a slip case. The slight mouldiness may disappear when stored in a dry environment. The books themselves are not affected in any way.

Volume One was originally published by Finger-Four Publishing, which we no longer have any connection to. Any future print runs of Volume One will be by Echelon Starboard Publishing. Copies of Volume One and Volume Two are available now.